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I'm so impressed that I had to contact you. I went to your seminar on Sept.22 in Lexington, KY starting at 235lbs. and now on Oct.12, I was 202 - a loss of 33lbs. in 3 weeks. Thank you so much. I'm looking forward to another 75lbs. and a slimmer, more attractive me.

Sure go ahead and tell others, maybe it will help somebody like me that has basically given up and give them a new start on life. Again, thank you John.

Your program is amazing. My mother has smoked for over 50 years and has emphysema. We attended your seminar and all day long I was only going to support my mother.

She has never tried to quit before and never really wanted to either. I have quit and knew that I did not want to at this time in my life. I told my friends...I won't quit now, but I will go with my mom.

Well... I AM AMAZED AND BLESSED and SO PROUD OF MY MOM. THANK YOU for saving our lives. I will not lose my mother as soon as when she smoked and couldn't breath. I didn't want to quit, but it worked so well that I am truely a non-smoker just like before I ever started. I am grateful and am spreading the word to all that will listen.

I attended one of your weight loss seminars in January of this year. I'll be honest; I didn't have much initial faith that your program would work. And I was STILL pretty skeptical by the end of the two hour seminar. But then your colleague Doug did the most brilliant thing. At the very end of the seminar, he stood at the door and spoke to each one of us personally as we exited the room.

But rather than leave us with some platitude, Doug did something truly effective. He made each of us promise to him that we would listen to our tape and/or CD for 21 days straight. So home I went, still quite skeptical . . . but I had made a promise to Doug. So the very next morning, I got up and listened to my CD. And when it was done, I was still really skeptical...but I had to keep my promise to Doug...

So I listened to the CD the next day as well. And I was still pretty skeptical . . . but I hated the thought of breaking that promise... so the next day I listened to the CD again... I was so busy alternating between skepticism and trying not to break my promise that it caught me totally off guard when I woke up 5 days into the program and started exercising. I was even more amazed when I started eating healthier foods and drinking more water and (here's the truly shocking part) actually enjoying it.

Believe it or not, I still wasn't sure that my newfound resolve was a result of the program, or just some fluke. Either way, I still had a promise to keep...

It's now late March. I started the program wearing a snug size 16 womens' pants. I'm now a size twelve. I've already dropped about 20 pounds and plan to lose about 20 to 30 more. And I can honestly say that my weight loss is NOT because of any so-called diet. I will NEVER diet again. Instead, I've changed my whole approach to eating and exercise. My whole lifestyle has done a 180 from this time last year.

Incidentally, several of my co workers have begun to notice my transformation and have asked me if I'm using diet pills.When I tell them about your program, their initial reaction is "So, do the pounds magically melt away?"And I tell them, "No- you still have to do the work involved. You still have to eat right and exercise. This program is not magic...but it works like magic! ...

Because, suddenly, all of the work that you have to do to be healthier doesn't seem like work at all. It just happens naturally, like breathing. Living a healthy life becomes your natural way of being. I would love to know when you'll be back in Toledo, Ohio again. I would love to stop by and encourage others with my own results. Thank you, John Morgan, for helping me become a healthier person. And please be sure to tell Doug that I KEPT MY PROMISE! Any $60.00 program that does this much good deserves some free advertising.

I can never thank you enough for what your program has done for me. You are a healer, John Morgan. You're a healer of minds, as well as bodies. Thank you, thank you, thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Mr. Morgan, I want to start off by saying your a blessing to this world. I took your stop smoking seminar nov. 10 2005 and i havent smoked since!! That was the best 60 dollars I have ever since. I want everyone to know if i can quit anyone can quit. I was smoking 2 packs a day. and now Ii feel great and Ii dont smell like a walking cigarette either. So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much!!!

I attended your forum at Crown Center here in Kansas City on 10/4/06 and can't begin to tell you how happy I've been with my results so far. I've lost 24 pounds and feel more relaxed than I've felt in years! I could probably fill a meeting room with the number of friends and co-workers that want me to let them know when you'll be back in KC. I was skeptical when I attended your forum, but I'm now a believer!...

In fact, something that I didn't tell you was that I had my annual physical last week. My bloodwork was MUCH improved and my physician couldn't believe the weight I had lost. He used to be a Board Member on the Board of Healing Arts for Natural Alternatives (I know this isn't exactly what it's called, but close enough) and was very much in favor of hypnosis as an alternative solution for me since everything else seemed NOT to work. I had been following a Weight Watcher diet and exercised daily, but due to age and past/current health issues the weight wouldn't come off. Stress was the only thing that I didn't think I had any control over. I'm so thankful that I was wrong! I'll be singing your praises for years to come!

I attended your seminar on January 12, 2006 in Tallahassee, Florida. I have not smoked another cigarette since and have no desire to do so. I would really like to 'Thank You' for doing something for me that I could not do for myself. This is remarkable!!! ABSOLUTELY! Praise God!!

I quit smoking, and I did not ever think I would. To tell you the truth I did not even really want to. I quit for my health I have had a bad cough since 11/05. So I knew this girl at work that did your seminar last November and she did really well. I attended you Oklahoma City seminar on 04/20/06 and have not even had a craving. I have actually told about 10-15 people that it works really really, really, really, really works. Thanks very, very, very much.

Mr. Morgan, do you know when you might be coming back to Memphis, Tennessee? My husband was there in October and he quit smoking after 35 years. I am so pleased and shocked. I don't know what you did but it worked. I thank you and the advertisement on the radio is where I heard your ad. I have a bunch more friends who wished they went to the Memphis seminar. So please let me know when you might be coming back.

I came to your seminar in Charleston, SC on 9/15/2005. I haven't had a smoke since. Thank you for showing me how to take control of my life.

I attended your seminar to stop chewing last year and have been tobacco free for one year on June 22, 2005. It worked so well that I want to attend the weight loss seminar. When are you coming to Boise Idaho again? Thank you

Dear John,
You were recently at the Holiday-Inn Express in Knoxville, TN. I wanted to quit smoking so bad, but never could. I came to your program and I got it!!! I haven't had a cigarette since right before your meeting on May 4, 2005. This is the longest amount of time I have ever been without a cigarette since I was 15 years old; I am now 36. I would be amiss if I didn't tell you how very grateful I am to your seminar and you for helping me to quit smoking. I absolutely could not believe that the next morning when I woke up I didn't even think about a cigarette!!! I can not ever remember waking up in the morning and not wanting to smoke after my first drink of coke. UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I have been smoke free for 36 days and I feel like I've never been a smoker. I had a doctor's appointment 2 weeks ago and my blood pressure is back down to normal too, so many benefits!!...

I was skeptical as was my husband, my boss and some co-workers because they have all seen me try to quit previously. But my co-workers have already called your 800 number on your web-site to see when you're coming back. They tell me I'm their inspiration. I have nothing to say but positive comments on what a terrific seminar you gave. I can't wait to go to your weight loss seminar next time as well!! I can't begin to tell you how many times I have wished I would of done this before, but I know things happen when they are supposed to, it was just my time.

I could go on and on, but I'm sure you must get these everyday, so I'll close in saying: Thank you thank you thank you again and again, I will forever be grateful!!!!

I saw Mr. Morgan when he was in Knoxville on Sept. 13, 2004, for smoking cessation and I stopped a 3 pack a day habit that I had since I was 15 years old ( I am now 51 years old!! ). No withdrawal symptoms and now I don't think about cigarettes at all. My Mom also quit and she smoked 1-2 packs per day for about 45 years! Again, we have been very pleased with the smoking cessation and we would recommend it to anyone who smokes. Thank you very much!!

I want to thank you so much for making me for the first time in 27 years smoke free, I came to your seminar thinking I couldn't be put under or hypnotized . . . I even came with three men thinking that if I fail I won't fail alone cause we know men don't have the will power woman do ..haha,, surprise, surprise all 4 of us that attended that seminar have not had a cigarette or an urge to have one since we walked out of the Ramada Inn that night. Once again from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU! God Bless You!

I just want to be one of the many, I am sure, to thank you for my total change of life. By just spending one evening with you, I am healthier, happier and smoke free!!!!! I will not say I did not have a craving or two, but that was more from the motion of smoking than the craving for a cigarette. Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you. I cannot say it enough. I tell everyone I come in contact with and will continue to do so for a very long time. You are my hero,

Mr. Morgan,
My sister, Donna from Quad Cities enrolled in one of your sessions in August and hasn't had a cigarette since - a remarkable achievement.

I just want to thank You. I was pretty skeptical when I went to your seminar, but I figured nothing else had worked. I mean I lost weight, but I always gained it back, plus more. I have lost 30lbs. and kept it off. Don't know how it works, but it does. Thanks Again!!

Dear Dr. Morgan,
My name is Michelle. I have been battling with my weight my entire life. I did Weight Watchers, a nutritionist, diet pills, No Carb, Low Carb, and every other gimmick under the sun. I was on the weight loss roller coaster and just ended up always feeling down about myself. I couldn't keep the weight off, I got nauseous from eating bacon cheeseburgers without the bun everyday, and I was always hungry. About a month ago I heard about your seminars on the Howard Stern show. I was desperate and decided to go. I am very proud to say that I have lost about 25 pounds and I feel wonderful. I am a size 8 for the first time in my life. I choose my outfits based on what looks good, not on what fits...

I know this may sound cheesy but I feel better about myself and my parents and friends have all noticed the change. My mom actually asked me today if I'm eating because she was worried. I told her I eat 3 meals a day, I just don't snack so much anymore. I eat until I'm comfortably full, not until the bag is empty or the plate is spotless. I walk for 40 minutes three times a week and do sit ups twice a week. (She took me out to lunch just to make sure that I eat! At least I got a free meal out of it :) I just wanted to write and thank you for what you have given me. I feel beautiful and I can't wait for the summertime!Sincerely,

I attended your weight loss hypnosis session in South Portland, ME earlier this fall, October I believe. I faithfully listened to the tape and immediately noticed results in terms of weight loss. After losing about 15 pounds, I began exercising and have been exercising on a treadmill and a Nordictrak since mid November. My weight loss is now more than 40 lbs, I feel great and look about 10 years younger. I have referred many of my friends to you, several have probably emailed.

I just wanted to thank you, as I have tried for 15 years to lose weight, always failing. To lose weight through Thanksgiving and Christmas, with all the food and parties around me has been nothing short of a miracle. Thanks again

Hi my name is Stacey B-----. I was at your seminar on weight loss in Presque Isle Maine on the 13th of January 2003. I wanted to write you and tell you how thankful I am. Not just that I went but that I feel I have gained a lot from going. I'm still not sure to this day what exactly happened that night. However I have found myself trying to talk myself into having just a little of something and my mind saying...(Now Stacey you know you don't need it You really don't want it) Then I've somehow talked myself out of what ever it was. I seem to have the will power that I never had before. I know that I want to lose weight ,I want to feel better, I want to look better, all I can say is that with your help I now can do what I've always tried to do and stick with it. Your tape is helpful to listen to also. I do feel very relaxed when I'm done. Thank you again. All I know is I have stopped eating ice cream and chocolate bars and have been exercising daily on my air walker that hasn't seen the light of day since last winter. Thank you and god bless.

Thank you. I went to your seminar a week ago in Kansas City, Mo. I left the seminar not knowing what was going to happen how would I lose weight? The day after the seminar i went to the grocery store to get something for dinner when i left I knew how it was going to work. I sat in the car and laughed this is how i had purchased fish and fresh vegetables. In my first week I have not felt hungry and when eating it has all been something healthy. I am amazed and so thankful.