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Want to quit smoking forever? You've tried everything – The patch, the gum, the inhaler, the lozenges and God knows what else, and you're still smoking.

At least years ago, you didn't have to go outside of buildings to feed your habit. You do now.

  • Aren't you tired and embarrassed of standing out in the rain to suck your cancer sticks?
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If you answered “Yes” to any of those questions, you're ready to STOP SMOKING FOREVER!

Yes, I Smoked

People always ask if I ever smoked. The reason they ask is because they want to know if I know what it feels like to quit smoking. I smoked helplessly for years. I knew I was hooked when I was out of cigarettes and went rummaging through an ashtray looking for the longest butt possible to get a few nicotine hits. It didn't even matter whose butt it was, I was smoking it.

You probably can't relate, but the morning hacking was a ritual as was the shortness of breath anytime I walked up stairs. Speaking of breath, do you ever wonder why people who don't smoke back away from you? Like you, I was totally unaware that I smelled like a city street on garbage collection day.

I would finally muster up enough willpower to quit, only to find myself going back to cigarettes. I would quit again and then go back again. I was caught in a vicious cycle.

A Country Doctor Saved Me From A Life Of Smoking

Suddenly, life changed for me one day when I accidentally learned about the power of suggestion. Well before I discovered hypnosis, I had the amazing good fortune to run into a wise old doctor who didn't know he was using hypnosis, but he was.

I wasn't feeling well and went in for a check-up on the outskirts of Watertown, NY where I had recently moved for a job. The doctor asked a lot of questions, listened to my complaints and then checked me over with his stethoscope.

He said, “Son, I don't think there's anything really wrong with you other than being a little homesick, but I'll tell you what. You see that pack of smokes in your top pocket; I would throw them away on your way out of here.”

The doctor had me in a suggestible frame of mind and he offered me a suggestion. I remember it like it was yesterday. I got outside his office and crushed the pack of cigarettes in my hand and threw them into the woods. That was the last day I smoked and have never had the desire for one since. That's the power of hypnosis.

No Silly Stage Tricks

No quacking like a duck, barking like a dog or being under someone's control. None of that nonsense is necessary. Everyone goes into trances every day. They just don't call them trances. If you drive down the highway from one point to another and don't remember the ride, that's called “Highway Hypnosis.” Daydreaming is a trance, as is talking to yourself inside your head.

What you may not realize is that you are more suggestible when you are in these mini trances. What I do is formally help you get into that same frame of mind that you naturally go into every day all by yourself. The only difference is I guide you into that frame of mind for a longer period of time where you're open to suggestions that aren't against your will, and that make sense for you. It's that easy!

Imagine using hypnosis to end the pain and shame of smoking in less than 2 hours and enjoy better health right away! Hundreds of thousands of people have put smoking and cigarettes in their past with the John Morgan Hypnosis Method and so can you!

  • It Really, really works

    "I quit smoking, and I did not ever think I would. To tell you the truth I did not even really want to. I have not had a craving to smoke. I have actually told about 10-15 people that it works - really, really works."

  • Quit after 35 years

    "My husband quit smoking after 35 years. I am so pleased and shocked. I don't know what you did but it worked. "

  • It must be osmosis

    "I started smoking when I was 19 years old and that means I had smoked for 41 years... I have not smoked and I am pleased to say it has been 32 days... it must work through osmosis... Thanks a lot for something I had been trying to do for many, many years."

No patches, no gum, no pills - no muss or fuss. It's the most relaxing, calming, and easiest way on the planet to STOP SMOKING FOREVER!

See yourself breathing better, feeling wonderful, and hearing the congratulations from those who swore you could never stop. Oh, and by the way, you smell better too.

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Can You Afford To Not Stop Smoking?

I used to do private sessions for people and charge them an arm and a leg for my services because I was worth it and got them results. Then I decided to record my program on video tape, and now available on Disk or as a Digital Download, so you don’t have to part with a lot of money to STOP SMOKING FOREVER!

For the exact same service people paid hundreds for, you can get STOP SMOKING FOREVER now for only $49.95!

With the price of cigarettes these days, you'll get that back in less than a week of being smoke free. In fact, one guy in Tacoma, Washington figured out that he could buy the truck of his dreams with the money he saved by using the John Morgan Method of Hypnosis.

Don't be fooled by anyone claiming to have this amazing STOP SMOKING FOREVER Method. They don't! I have trained only a handful of people in the world to use this powerful, proven system that ends your struggle with smoking and cigarettes forever!

It's YOUR Decision To Make Now

It's really an easy decision. Just click on the order button, follow the simple instructions and you've taken the life saving step to be smoke free and feel wonderful again.

I request that you take your own destiny in your hands right now and order STOP SMOKING FOREVER. You will readily agree it's the best money you've ever spent.

The best of health to you, John Morgan

P.S. A persuasive writer named Walter Horvath asked us to notice that people will fight much harder to avoid losing something they already own rather than gain something of greater value that they do not own.

You may have never thought of this, but have you given any attention to what agony people will go through to try and get healthy after smoking has threatened their life?

They are cut open and have body parts removed; then take drugs that cause them to be sick to their stomach and vomit, and then their hair falls out. The worst part is the mental anguish they deal with every day by worrying if their energy zapping treatment will save their life or not.

P.P.S. I wonder how soon you'll realize that you have the power to gain something of value now before it's too late.

Stop Smoking Forever (Video)

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