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Sleep All Night
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Want  a simple, easy and inexpensive method to get a good night's sleep – EVERY NIGHT? I discovered it by accident, or maybe it was divine intervention. Either way, IT WORKS!

My SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT Hypnosis Recording has helped thousands of people outgrow the misery of not being able to sleep, and that list includes me.


Imagine what it feels like to again awaken refreshed and rested. That's what you can expect when you SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT!

That means that you'll feel what it's like to fully participate in your life again because you'll feel the energy to do so. Say “Goodbye” to being lifeless, dull, groggy and short tempered due to a lack of sleep, and say “HELLO!” to a brand new, fun to be around, refreshed you.

It's tiring having to work at being awake. Everyone knows you are laboring, but even worse than that, you feel that burden dragging you down. You have to work twice as hard at something when you are listless and fuzzy.

You've tried all the prescription and non-prescription concoctions that disappoint time after time. They may get you into some light, non-refreshing state of sleep, but you feel out of focus and lifeless all the time. Whatever little these pills help you to accomplish, pales in comparison to the immense harm they do.

Steer Clear of DRUGS!

I am not offering you another drug but a sleep method that works!

Sooner or later you're going to get tired of not sleeping. I know you're already disillusioned with the way sleeping pills make you feel. You know in your gut they're not the answer.

Want to keep yourself awake? Read the side effects listed on their packaging - suicidal thoughts, nightmares, abnormal thinking, withdrawal, anxiety, amnesia and decreased testosterone just to name a few.

You also get cheated out of natural sleep rhythms while taking these risky remedies and you wake up groggy and disoriented. Your sleep is unsatisfying and shallow as you continue to pop these life-robbing pills.

Adding to your misery, you cannot produce growth hormone while taking these dangerous drugs because sleeping pills prevent you from getting deep sleep.

The dirty little secret that drug companies hide from you is not telling you that sleeping pills prevent you from secreting growth hormone.

Growth Hormone – So What?

What's important about growth hormone? Well, as an adult, you can only produce growth hormone when you sleep deep. “But why do I need it?” you may ask.

Growth hormone repairs damaged cells and aids your body in regenerating healthy new cells. The natural growth hormone you produce when you sleep deep rebuilds your body's tissues and organs and keeps you healthy well into your golden years and beyond.

Studies show that shallow sleep and sleep deprivation deprive you of growth hormone resulting in lower life expectancy, decreased sexual desire, loss of muscle mass and an increase in fat.

And here's a side benefit that most people don't know about secreting natural growth hormone . . . it SPEEDS UP YOUR METABOLISM, which helps you burn more calories. Yes, you can even lose weight while you sleep deep!

Drugs promise insomnia cures but the truth is they only deliver degenerative sleep.

I promise you there is a safer and permanent solution to your sleep problem.

I'm totally confident I can help you SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT!

This is no idle claim. I am living proof that this method works and so are the thousands of people who have purchased my SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT Hypnosis recording to get their sleep cycle back into rhythm so they enjoy the restful nights of sleep they deserve – EVERY NIGHT!

"I had very low expectations about you being able to help me sleep because I had been to sleep clinics, psychiatrists, psychologists, and had used sleep inducing drugs – prescription and non-prescription – all to no avail. Your method is amazing. I haven't taken a sleeping pill since and I sleep like a log now. God bless you."

"Thanks so much. I attended the Weight Loss Seminar in Jacksonville, FL and purchased about $80.00 in CD'S. I love them and the best is the SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT CD. Have a wonderful day!!!!!!"

"My wife calls it a miracle. Not only were we considering separate beds, but separate bedrooms. Within a week of using your CD, I have slept undisturbed every night since. I no longer interrupt my sleep or my wife's. Thanks a million!"

You may think that your situation is hopeless. I thought mine was too. I can personally relate to that doomed to failure feeling.

My sleepless nightmare began in January of 1991 when my son went off to the Gulf War. I was having trouble sleeping for the 7 months he was gone. I was consumed with worry while my boy was in harm's way. And to make things even worse, I couldn't sleep even after he came home safe and sound.

I had a full blown pattern of being unable to sleep.

Some call it sleep insomnia. Whatever the name, I was miserable all the time because of my inability to sleep. And when I finally did manage to doze off, I woke up groggy and irritable. I was not fit company. I didn't like myself and found myself being disagreeable more often than not. Zip and spontaneity left my life.

Divine Intervention?

Suddenly, one restless night, this miraculous sleep method just came to me out of the blue and SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT was born.

I was lying in bed hopelessly awake and the amazing idea for SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT popped into my head.

You can always tell an idea that has great potential when it comes with a jolt of adrenaline. It caused me to hop out of bed, find a cassette tape recorder and record the first version of SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT.

It  took me about a half hour to create this sleep inducing method that thousands of people around the world have benefitted by. I was the laboratory test case and it was a success!

I began listening to the tape I made that very night and I haven't had a problem sleeping since, nor have thousands of others who have purchased this therapeutic recording.

This amazing sleep method is fast and easy and, above all, it is safe, natural and it works like a dream!

When I first developed the method, I tried it out with a few private clients to see if I could replicate my personal success. Their results were so dramatic that they sent me countless referrals. The sleep results they were willing to pay hundreds for, you can get for Only $29.95!

If you are reading this, I imagine you or someone close to you can't sleep or remain asleep for a reasonable period of time. If your doctor has ruled out any medical cause, I can assure you it's your restless mind that keeps you awake causing more stress and anxiety.


With SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT, your problems with tossing and turning soon become a distant memory.

SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT gently guides you into a frame of mind where spaces begin to show up between your thoughts. The more spaces, the less noise. The less noise, the more sleep. It's amazingly simple.

You may not know this but the word “Hypnosis” comes to us from the Greek language and it means “To Sleep.”

Even if you could afford to go a ridiculously expensive sleep lab somewhere in the mountains of Colorado or on the shores of California, you couldn't get the permanent results that I'm offering you in the privacy of your own bedroomfor $29.95.

You owe it to yourself to order my SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT CD or Digital Download NOW and banish insomnia from your bed.

Imagine getting results right away without drugs and getting the peaceful nights of restful and regenerative sleep that you and your body deserve.

I request that you order SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT right now before it's too late. Join me and the thousands of others who now enjoy deep sleep and increased energy throughout the day.

Let me help you find the cool side of the pillow.

Sweet Dreams! John Morgan

P.S. If you recognize yourself as a victim of insomnia, please order SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT before sleeplessness ruins your life.

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