Give Me 2 Minutes And I'll Prove To You That You Can Relax Anytime, Anywhere In 2 Minutes Or Less

Relax in 2 minutes
  • Calm Your Nerves At Warp Speed
  • Clear Your Head
  • Recharge Your Mind And Body

Most people will be able to read through this message in 2 minutes or less and when you come to the end, you will be convinced RELAX IN 2 MINUTES is for you because you’ll know it works!

If you’re anything like the thousands of people who come to my seminars each year, you need less stress in your life! You’re wound tighter than a drum, and one more hit will crack you like a walnut.

Your nerves are frazzled raw, your head pounds with thoughts fighting for space, and you feel under constant attack. This sucks the life force out of your body, leaving you on edge and exhausted.

"I just don't have time to relax" is the cry for help I most often hear. It’s true, you’re busier these days, and the demands keep coming at you from all angles. This puts you under siege leaving no time for your body to knit and heal.

I can solve your problem in 2 minutes or less. Perhaps a story would be helpful . . .

How One Tiny Observation Led To A Mob Scene At My New York City Seminar

The first time I did seminars in New York City I did a lot of people watching on the city streets. What I noticed was assaulting. These folks were hot wired for S-T-R-E-S-S. Everyone seemed lost inside their head, scurrying along the street like rats in a maze. I was watching a real life version of “Night Of The Living Dead.”

It got me to wondering. If I could show these people how to relax and calm themselves, I know their lives would improve dramatically. But I knew most of them would not take the time for a 20-minute relaxation session. They were too busy!

Then it hit me. What if I could have them put their attention on one part of their body for just a few seconds and have them witness, first hand, how that body part automatically relaxes? Once I proved that to them, then we could move on and relax another part of their body in seconds.

That small piece of insight caused me to create the amazingly effective CD I call, RELAX IN 2 MINUTES. What happened next was a sight I’ll never forget.

I came back to New York and did a mini-demonstration of RELAX IN 2 MINUTES in a seminar. The rapid relaxation method I walked the crowd through instantly captured their hearts, minds and bodies.

When we took a bathroom break, I was not prepared for the stampede we witnessed at the back table where RELAX IN 2 MINUTES was for sale.

It was like a mob scene at Macy’s Basement the day after Thanksgiving. People swarmed the table and were jostling for position to buy this most sought after relaxation CD. We sold out in a matter of minutes.

"John, I found you on the Internet after searching for a way to learn relaxation. Maybe it was fate that made me click on your ad because I can now chase away the woes of the world just by popping in your 2 Minutes CD. My body gets like cooked spaghetti and when I 'm done listening, I feel new energy. I love this CD!"

"You must get these letters all the time but my whole life I have been the dictionary definition of "wound tight." A friend who went to one of your seminars told me about your Relax in 2 Minutes CD. I bought it on her recommendation and am I glad I did. I cannot begin to tell you the number of people who have commented on the changes in me. I am loose as a goose, more carefree, and a lot more peaceful. Thanks for creating this little piece of magic."

"I 've been on the fast track with work, school and family for over five years. I had no idea how to slow down and get off this treadmill until after my wife bought me your relaxation CD. I now know the benefits of learning to relax quickly and unwind and enjoy my life to the fullest!"

Do You Need Personal Proof?

Do this mini exercise right now.

Sit in a chair, rest your hands on your thighs, take a nice deep breath, exhale slowly and close your eyes. After closing your eyes, please pay attention to what’s going on with your toes. Just notice the feeling in your toes. You don’t have to do anything with your toes but notice the sensation in them. Once you get a sense of what’s going on in your toes, gently move your attention to the balls of your feet and just notice the sensation going on there . . . and then glide your attention to your arches . . . and then to your heels . . . and then your ankles . . . and then on to the top of your feet.

Once you’ve completed this little sequence, open your eyes and measure your relaxation. You find that you’re far more relaxed than you were just a moment before.

Imagine how relaxed you are after completing the whole sequence that I guide you through on RELAX IN 2 MINUTES. It’s an experience you’ll want again and again.

After listening to RELAX IN 2 MINUTES just a few times, you will easily be able to do this exercise on your own, anytime, anywhere and feel relaxation in your body in less than 2 minutes. Not only that, but your head is clear, and your body recharged.

Think of RELAX IN 2 MINUTES like a rapid charger for your cell phone . . . It replenishes your energy in just a few moments.

Many people download RELAX IN 2 MINUTES onto their iPod and take “instant relaxation” with them wherever they travel.

I Believe I Was Less Than Truthful

Unless you’ve taken a speed-reading course, it’s probably taken you more than 2 minutes to read to this point. But it will only take you a moment or two to order or download RELAX IN 2 MINUTES now and begin enjoying all the therapeutic benefits this recording delivers.

What would you pay to have this exclusive, effective method for rapid relaxation that only I teach? I’m sure I could charge a lot more but that would put it out of reach for the people who need it most. That’s why I’ve made it affordable at only $29.95!

You spend more than that in less than a week on coffee and lattes to keep you artificially on the go when your batteries are low. What if you could relax and recharge without overdoing it with expensive and harmful stimulation? You can with RELAX IN 2 MINUTES!

Order your copy of RELAX IN 2 MINUTES right now and learn to unwind and relax effortlessly. It's a quick and easy process to learn and once you do, you will have the ability to RELAX IN 2 MINUTES or less anytime, anywhere for the rest of your life.

I promise you the calm and serenity you deserve.

All the best,

John Morgan

P.S. Your body has a way of paying you back when you push through once too often. The resulting stress causes unexplained aches and pains and then progresses to full blown diseases if left unchecked. I urge you to relieve that stress before it’s too late.

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