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"It's a great tool; it clears the most important six inches in golf, the six inches between your ears." - James T. Lyle, former Chairman/Director of the Nissan Los Angeles Open Golf Tournament Golf Mastery - Confidence, Commitment, Concentration

Frustrated with Golf?  Is your lack of consistency costing you strokes? Is your game in a deep bunker? Energize and improve your golf game right away with HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF MASTERY from America’s Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan.

Once you know how to hold and swing a golf club, your performance comes down to the mental game which consists of 3 Magic Words - CONFIDENCE, COMMITMENT & CONCENTRATION.

John Morgan will coach your subconscious mind to automatically feel confident over every shot. You will mentally grip commitment into every swing, and you will block out all the distractions as you concentrate on your ball.  

Not only that, your disposition on the golf course will improve because golf becomes fun again!

"I saw your ad in Golf Digest and said, 'What the heck, I've spent thousands on golf clubs, what's another $9.95?' After a week of listening to your CD, there is a dramatic difference in how I approach the game. I'm calmer, more confident, and am having more fun. Did I mention I cut three strokes off my handicap? I'm going to continue to listen because I can feel more improvement is on the way."

"I've been playing 'Army Golf' for 25 years. First I hit it left and then I hit it right. Now I hit it straighter than ever thanks to your Golf CD. The pro at my club recommended it because he improved his putting so much by listening. I've gotten more from your CD than I have ever gotten with private instruction. I now play the 'mental game.' Thanks for such a wonderful training aid."

"It's a great tool; it clears the most important six inches in golf, the six inches between your ears."

HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF MASTERY is the way to breakthrough the barriers that you’ve hit in your golf game. Whether you’re playing for fun, for sport, or for just a way to relax, John Morgan’s methods get your golf game to its maximum performance.

Come into the clubhouse with a smile on your face. Leave the hazards behind and improve all facets of your golf game for only $9.95! It's time to learn the "Mental Game," enter the Zone and lower your scores dramatically with HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF MASTERY. Make sure to get this Hypnosis CD now for you or the avid golfer in your life.

First the pros sought out personal trainers, then golf psychology, and now they are discovering sports hypnosis to improve their game! So can you!

Hypnosis for Golf Mastery (CD)

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Special Price: $4.98 U.S.

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