Hypnosis for dogs

Hypnosis for Dogs
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  1. Do you consider your dog to be part of your family? Yes? No?
  2. Does your dog provide you with pleasure? Yes? No?
  3. Would you say you “love” your dog? Yes? No?
  4. Do you believe your dog “loves” you? Yes? No?
  5. Does your dog provide you with companionship? Yes? No?
  6. Do you ever talk to your dog like it was a human being? Yes? No?
  7. Have you ever talked “baby” talk to your dog? Yes? No?
  8. Have you ever told your dog a secret? Yes? No?
  9. Do you think sometimes your dog understands you better than people do? Yes? No?
  10. Would you like to bond with your dog even better than you do now? Yes? No?
  11. Do you feel bad when you have to leave your dog home alone? Yes? No?
  12. Do you want your dog to live for a long time? Yes? No?
  13. Have you thought about what it will be like when your dog is gone? Yes? No?
  14. Have you ever bought your dog a Christmas gift? Yes? No?
  15. Do you ever go into a dog store to find a special toy for your dog? Yes? No?
  16. Would you like your dog to be calmer? Yes? No?
  17. Do you take your dog to the veterinarian for regular check-ups? Yes? No?
  18. Do your children love the family dog? Yes? No?
  19. Does your dog often get too excited? Yes? No?
  20. Has it ever gotten so excited that it peed on the floor or elsewhere? Yes? No?
  21. Would you like to “really” communicate with your dog better? Yes? No?
  22. Would you like to improve the quality of life for your loving dog? Yes? No?
  23. Does your dog respond to the tone of your voice? Yes? No?
  24. Would you like to control your dog with the tone of your voice every time? Yes? No?
  25. Would you like for your dog to respond better to your commands? Yes? No?
  26. Do you ever sit quietly petting your dog? Yes? No?
  27. Do you ever speak calmly to your dog while you are petting it? Yes? No?
  28. Do you believe that your calm voice can help control your dog? Yes? No?
  29. Do you want your calm voice to relax your dog every time? Yes? No?
  30. Would you ever spend $20 to insure that your dog is happy and healthy? Yes? No?

If you have answered YES to 50% or more of these questions,
it's clear that you are a loving, responsible person
and your dog is very important to you and your family.

You’ve demonstrated that you care a great deal for your dog and you want it to be with you for a long time. You want it to be happy and healthy.

You would not believe how many people answer “No” to over half of these questions. They are the kind of people who shouldn’t own dogs because they don’t care about them. You, on the other hand, are the type of person who is not only blessed with have a loving dog, but offer those blessings back to your dog as well.

Dogs are a gift. They love you for who you are. They don’t care if you are thin or fat, young or old. They don’t see the color of your skin; they only know the love that comes from your heart. 

Dogs come to us very early in life. Many times they are how we first learn responsibilities as children. Additionally, science has proven that dogs have a calming effect on the elderly, adding not only comfort, but extra days, months or years to their life. Dogs are now being introduced in prisons to aid the calming of inmates. It’s all pretty fantastic stuff.

We all know families where the dog is loved so much that it is really truly a member of the family. We all know couples without children or singles without human families that consider their dog to be a real child.

Wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easy way for you to give your dog the gift of added healthy years of life, fantastic temperament, and some wonderful companionship during those hours that they are left alone? 

How great would it be if we could instantly calm down high spirited dogs and improve their quality of life? 

What are the chances of your dog learning to obey basic commands just by the tone of your voice and the inflection you use? Veterinary research has shown that dogs, like humans, suffer from stress and tension. Is there a way to effectively and quickly reduce or eliminate your dog’s tension and stress? 

Even more fantastic, what if there was a way to do all of that and at the same time reward yourself with all of the exact same benefits: health, added years, calmness, as well as lower stress and tension and an unbelievable new relationship with the dog that you love so much.

I suppose you think it is too good to be true. Is it possible that there is a way to accomplish all of this amazing stuff? Even if there was such magic available, it is probably so expensive that you couldn’t afford it. Such a thing would likely to be so complicated that you could never learn to do it. If that’s what you are thinking, you’re thinking is behind the times.

Can you imagine, speaking to your dog calmly and having it understand exactly what you are saying, then having it respond faithfully the way you want it to? Can you imagine that cute wiggle of excitement from your dog because it knows precisely what you want and how it can please you by responding accordingly?

You Can Calm Your Dog and Extend Its Life Just By Playing An Amazing CD!

The notion of people actually controlling animals by communication directly with their minds dates back to ancient times. As far back as the 1600s, people calmed chickens by various means such as balancing wood shavings on their beaks.  History tells us that the French actually taught chickens to sit on eggs other than their own by drawing a chalk line in front of their beaks. Sounds crazy doesn’t it? 
Hungarian scientist Ferenc Andras Volgyesi is said to have calmed all of the animals at the Budapest Zoo using hypnosis. We’ve all heard about Nobel Prize winning scientists Ivan Petrovitch Pavlov who studied animal reflexes and physiological workings in animals, particularly dogs. He proved that dogs were easily conditioned to respond to the sound of a signal. Pavlov became interested in animal hypnosis and his experiments showed that such induced states with the dogs were possible in all behavioral areas. Yikes!!! . . . hypnotizing your dog?  Read on!

Ever hear of Dr. Franz Mesmer? People think he invented hypnotism, but he didn’t really. What Mesmer did was start the concept that there is a universal fluid present in everything at all levels of creation. Those fluids are susceptible to magnetic vibrations. HUH?

Ever watch the History Channel and see those ancient civilizations doing mass chanting and meditation to a steady drum beat as part of religious ceremonies and healing practices? Seems they were on to something.

But, how does all of this relate to your dog?  

Are we suggesting that you beat on drums and chant to your dog? No, we’ve come a long way. Now there is new science and another pioneer has entered the fascinating field of calmly and safely controlling animal behavior with the sound, pitch, tone and inflection of your voice. And while you are calming your dog, you are also calming yourself. 

Starting to make sense now?

Many of you have heard of John Morgan. For those of you who haven’t, he is American’s best known hypnotist and sort of a modern day Mesmer. John Morgan is not one of those “stage” hypnotists that make you quack like a duck. Although he can do that, he is best known for helping people to Stop Smoking Forever and Lose Weight and Keep it Off. In fact, over three quarters of a million people have attended his seminars in cities all over North America.

Perhaps you’ve been to one of his fantastic seminars or maybe know somebody who has. John Morgan is also a leader in the field of helping people to relax, sleep better, feel younger, improve their self-image, as well as play sports better and many other personal improvement areas. He has been helping people for over 25 years and his services are constantly in demand all over the world.

John was recently contacted by one of Europe’s leading motion picture producers to talk about a hypnosis project in England and France. He has appeared on radio and television interview programs in every major city in America.

There is something else exceptional about John Morgan. For the past 30 years he and his family have been dog owners. I know, that’s not unique, you are a dog owner too. What is exceptional is how well John’s dogs have always behaved, how closely they bonded with the family, how happy and healthy they have been and how long they have lived. His dogs have always responded immediately to “relax” and “calm down” commands from every member of the family, including the children. 

His pets never pestered visitors; in fact, most people thought the dog was just another member of the family. Additionally, their family dogs have always been “model citizens” when they had to be left home alone all day. None of us likes to leave our pets alone, but sometimes, we just have no choice. How were John Morgan and his family able to accomplish all of these exceptional behaviors?

The reason is simple. John and his family know how to communicate with their dogs using the very same method that Mesmer, and those ancients before him, used. That very same magnetic vocal vibration that John uses to help people stop smoking or lose weight helps him make his dog a “better person.”

All the while, it never occurred to John Morgan that the method he uses with his wonderful dogs would be of interest and benefit to others.
Then one day John received a call from his longtime friend John Leslie who is an internationally known radio and television personality. John Leslie asked John Morgan for advice on how to tone down his own over active Brittany Spaniel “Spike.” John Morgan explained how he and his family used the principals of hypnosis to make their dog “Snuffy” such a marvelous pet. 

It wasn’t very long before John Leslie called back with the great news that the advice had worked, that “Spike” was “like a brand new dog.”  That for the first time in 8 years, he was no longer hyperactive, that he was now like a family member. He responded to calm commands, “almost immediately.” Spike now walked quietly on his leash without pulling and choking and gagging. He was quiet, composed and unruffled. 

John Leslie reported that the days of doggie agitation were gone. Even their veterinarian noticed the change and was curious about how they accomplished it.

It was then that it dawned on John Morgan that he just might be able to share this information with other people who love their dogs. So, he set out to create a CD that would be of benefit to every person on earth who cares about their dog. A CD that not only allows your dog to be calmer, happier, healthier and live longer, but also provides the same benefits to you, the owner.

The Ultimate Training Tool For Your Best Friend!

Hypnosis for Dogs (CD)

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