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Who is John Morgan?

John Morgan America's Best Known Hypnotherapist, John Morgan conducts personal improvement seminars in smoking cessation, weight loss, stress management, sales training, and personal growth. He has personally presented these seminars to over 250,000 people all across North America. John's LOSE WEIGHT & KEEP IT OFF and STOP SMOKING FOREVER Seminars are available for home viewing on DVD and you get the exact same results.

John is a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and is a Certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists (est. 1951). He has conducted smoking cessation seminars at the world famous Dana Farber Cancer Institute in Boston as well as other prestigious hospitals throughout New England.

Some corporate clients he has presented to include: Bank of America, Citizens Bank, Digital Equipment Corporation and the Rhode Island Trial Lawyers Association. Whether his work takes him behind the walls of prisons or to corporate boardrooms, the comfort level he engenders is the same allowing his message to get through.

My newest CD is ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING - the Swiss Army Knife of Hypnosis. It's the hypnosis recording you use to accomplish your specialized goal. People have asked me these questions over the years:

"Can you help me to stop biting my nails? Make more money? Be more organized? Have more passion? Stop my stuttering? Get over my fear of flying? Stop Procrastinating? Curb my drinking?" The list goes on and on and the answer is "Yes!"

We always have a reason why we can't do something. What if you could set that reason aside and discover that there's a part of you that knows how to ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING?

I learned an amazing technique for bypassing reasons and unlocking hidden suggestions within us that act as heat-seeking missiles in pursuit of our goals.

ACCOMPLISH ANYTHING arms you with your personal secret suggestion and targets your desired goal.

John Morgan's CD, I LOVE MY BODY is the fastest selling Hypnosis CD he has ever recorded. Seems everyone wants to discover the magic of Self-Acceptance. Just this subtle shift in awareness about your body is the gentle nudge you need to get you over the weight loss hump. I LOVE MY BODY contains 2 CDs – one for eyes closed listening when time permits – and one loaded with subliminal suggestions that you can listen to anytime, anywhere, even when mentally engaged in other activities.

John is the creator of the amazing self-improvement recording IMPROVE YOUR SELF-IMAGE. Start feeling the confidence necessary to do the things you've been holding yourself back from in as little as 3 weeks time. This is the biggest selling CD at all of John's seminars.

His RELAX IN 2 MINUTES recording shows you how to relax in 2 minutes or less anytime, anywhere. John recorded this "make your muscles melt" CD after conducting his seminars in New York City after witnessing the tightly wound citizens who walk those streets. The next time he went back RELAX IN 2 MINUTES sold out in less than 10 minutes.

SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT is John Morgan's personal answer for Insomnia. It came out of his own personal battle with sleeplessness. You'll never take another sleeping pill again after listening to this CD and you'll SLEEP THROUGH THE NIGHT EVERY NIGHT.

John Morgan's FOREVER YOUNG CD will have you Look, Act, Feel & Think Younger in 30 days or less. This CD has been likened to WD-40 for your joints and your libido.

John's CD HYPNOSIS FOR DOGS has captured worldwide attention. He is a sought after guest on radio and TV stations around the globe to explain this amazing discovery that allows dogs to "relax and calm down" using a combination of hypnotic vocal rhythms and psycho-acoustic music. This is the ideal training tool for anyone who wants to extend their dog's life and end its "Separation Anxiety."

His FREE ebook, THE SUCCESS TRIANGLE will open eyes and change lives. Go to the Recommended Reading icon on the left and follow the instructions to download it to your computer.

Learn the "Mental Game" of Golf with John Morgan's HYPNOSIS FOR GOLF MASTERY. Incorporate the 3 C's of golf into every swing - CONFIDENCE - COMMITMENT and CONCENTRATION. Tiger Woods learned Hypnosis early in his career and now you can too!

John Morgan uses his training methods to help people make life long changes they previously thought were impossible. Part of his ability to communicate so well comes from his background as a TV and radio performer and manager.

Whether John is conducting smoking cessation, weight loss, sales training, or personal growth seminars, his message is always the same - learn how to communicate with yourself and others and you can accomplish spectacular results.

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What is Hypnosis?

When you extract all the mumbo-jumbo that people have collected in their head about hypnosis, you'll find that it's accelerated learning. You learn quicker and without effort when your conscious filters get out of the way. Hypnosis is a method of bypassing critical consciousness and reaching the part of the mind that runs our routines or patterns. It's harmless and extremely effective. To hear John give a short and easy to understand explanation of hypnosis, click here.

Can I be hypnotized?

Everyone goes in and out of trance states hundreds of times a day. We just don't call these mental excursions trances. Do you ever talk to yourself inside of your head? That's a trance. Do you daydream? That's also a trance. Have you ever driven down the highway and gone right past your exit? That's called highway hypnosis. When you enter these trance states, you're more suggestible than you normally are. Formal hypnosis (you don't need a tuxedo or gown) allows you to easily and naturally go into this frame of mind for longer periods where you're receptive to productive suggestions.

Will I cluck like a chicken?

John Morgan agrees that stage hypnosis is very entertaining and believes it fosters the myth that the hypnotist has some control over you. Nothing could be further from the truth. People who perform such antics at stage shows and comedy clubs are highly suggestible people. You may have a friend that's highly intelligent and another friend that's highly irritable. Chances are you have a friend that's highly suggestible. They would make a very good subject for stage hypnosis. You will have lots of fun at a John Morgan Seminar but you won't be asked to quack like a duck.

How will I feel when I'm hypnotized?

The same as you normally do but you'll probably feel more relaxed with some spaces showing up between your thoughts. You'll be in complete control, able to think your own thoughts, and in command of your body and mind.

Will hypnosis interfere with any medication I'm taking or any counseling I'm undergoing?

No. Hypnosis is completely safe and complimentary to any counseling you are attending and will not interfere with any medication you are taking. If you have additional concerns, please check with your counselor or physician before attending.

Will I be given suggestions to hate or have distaste for certain kinds of food?

No, that's called aversion therapy, which has a history of being short-lived, counter-productive, and ineffective. John Morgan Weight Loss Seminars will only offer suggestions of integrity that make sense for a healthier, trimmer you.

Will wearing the patch or chewing nicotine gum interfere with the smoking cessation program?

Yes. John Morgan does not recommend attending a John Morgan Smoking Cessation Seminar while continuing with any kind of product containing nicotine.

Does your program work for tobacco chewers?

Yes, whether you smoke or chew, dip or snuff, the program works exactly the same.

Do you do coaching?

John Morgan is available on a limited basis to do private one-on-one coaching or group coaching.

John is also connected to a wide network of incredible professional coaches who specialize in all areas of human development.

Contact John personally via email, and he'll make every effort to direct you to the appropriate person.

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